Priavacy Policy

When you visit our website, we receive your internet protocol (IP) address of your device automatically that can be used to find your geographical location. We keep your IP addresses personal. We use IP address for analytics, research, and settings for you. We use it to identify theft, to fight spam and other types of abuses. We want to make the site better for you. We collect some kinds of information with a diversity of frequently used technologies, including JavaScript, tracking pixels, and locally stored data such as cookies and local storage.

How do we protect your data

We try to defend your information from unauthorized access and disclosure. There is no such thing as entirely store data storage and transmission. Our obligations are under US Law.

Please remember that particular information is displayed indefinitely and retained, like your IP addresses and public donation to the site. If anybody performs an illegal activity on our site we will take action against that person.

Our response to do not track the signals

We firmly accomplish not to share your nonpublic data with third parties. Indeed, we do not permit to the third party websites that you have not visited. website do not share your personal information to the third party website for marketing purpose.